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I am an old 4-H show person. I have shown dairy goats, horses, pigs, chickens, cows, just about everything you can think to show, I have shown them growing up. The only things I'd never shown were fish, cats, and yes dogs. When my beloved Golden Retriever passed away way too early in his life, I didnít think I could ever have had another wonderful experience in my life. Enter my liver colored Flat-Coated Retriever. She is a show dog. When we got her I was thinking in the back of my mind that maybe I would like to show again. This is when I met Karen. I have been training under Karen for 2 years. I have 5 of my championship points and am working to finish our championship, and I feel I can accomplish this goal with Karenís guidance and long time show experience. She is dedicated to her students, very direct, will tell you how it is, and push you to be your best. From the foundation, intermediate, to conformation handling classes, we work hard and have fun. Karen emphasizes being connected with your dog and being consistent. These are core values that you will hear in all her classes. Karen connects with her 4 legged students as well as her 2 legged human handlers. Because of course itís all about the dogs! My Flat-Coat is not just dog but a member of our family... our kid. And Karen understands this because thatís how it is in her house. If you want to make a new friend and have a great time, new learning experience with your dog you will not be disappointed!

Kathy - Bothell


Having had dogs all my life I thought I knew all I needed to know in order to raise a happy well behaved dog, but decided that my Australian Shepherd puppy would benefit from formal training classes anyway. Turns out I’m the one that had a lot to learn! I get so much out of Karen’s classes that have helped me be a better dog owner. I used to say I could get my dogs to do anything for me. Now I say I can get my dog to want to do anything for me. It is all in the little tricks Karen has showed me that are making the difference. She really knows her stuff! My 10 month old Australian Shepherd may become a champion in the conformation ring, an obedience champion, a rally champion, or maybe just a happier dog sleeping on the end of my couch, whatever. . . it doesn’t matter. He is a better and happier dog, and more importantly, I’m a better owner for having been in Karen’s classes. Loki and I are so much more in sync than we were before. She has taught us both so much. Thanks Karen!!!!

Mark - Bellevue


I have been learning from Karen on and off for about 4 years now.  In that 4 years I have achieved things I never dreamed possible.  My first “show dog” and I started going to Karen for help with our conformation handling/showing… mine more than my dogs. It seems he was a natural and I was not. With the help and guidance of Karen and her classes I not only finished my dog with 3 Conformation Championship titles but I achieved ranking him as the #1 Australian Shepherd in the Country at the beginning of 2009 and going on to receive the coveted Best in Show… in 2010.  We also trained in Rally obedience at the same time and were able to earn 6 legs in 6 shows adding the title of RA to the end of his name.  Since then I have finished another Aussie in the Conformation ring with 3 championship titles and I am currently working on my first Bred By puppy and by working on my first Bred by I mean I take her to Karen’s training class as often as a I can… I do believe that I would not have achieved all of this if it were not in part for the help I received from Karen and Eastside Dog Training.   I recommend Karen to everyone. Karen does not hold back she tells you what you need to know in order to be the best you can be.  She helps build a bond between you and your dog she doesn’t just train the dog.

Laurie - Whidbey Island


Eastside Dog Training classes are fun and fast paced. Karen knows how to motivate challenging breeds for success in the ring, and in the real world everday life. The techniques and insights I learned from Karen helped me earn an obedience title with my rescue Boston Terrier. I recommend Eastside Dog Training without reservation.

Jollee - Bothell


We have been taking our Irish Setter to Karen's classes for the past 2 years. As an experienced handler, Karen has the ability to train both dogs and handlers at all levels. Using positive training, she demonstrates and works with the dogs consistently to correct errors and behaviors. It is a pleasure watching Karen interact with the dogs. We look forward to learning new techniques in every class.

Gary & Donna - Redmond


Karen's classes are fun and packed with both good lessons and applying what we learned. The instruction is easy to understand and put in the context of every day applications. We can, and do, use what we learn in class, at home, on walks, everywhere! We've seen improvements in all behavior areas and better focus. Thanks for the education!

Ken & Megumi - Lynnwood


I've been to lots of dog trainers, and Karen is simply the best. She understands dog and human psychology, and applies that to help you get excellent results. Her instructions are clear and precise. She's patient, helpful and obviously loves dogs. Everything she teaches is about your dog becoming a better pet and you becoming a better owner.

Paul - Redmond


Shortly after I got my first dog, a Newfoundland, 5 years ago, I discovered Karen's conformation handling classes. Since that time, I think I've taken almost every class Karen has offered, including foundation, manners, rally, and competition obedience. Every class has been a ton of fun for me and my dogs! When I got my second Newfoundland, Karen was more excited about it than anyone. That excitement was infectious and I appreciated that so much because, as cute as puppies are, they can be exhausting. She made me look at the new addition in a whole new way and got me energized again. She is incredibly supportive and helpful in achieving whatever goals you have for your dog - whether that means competing every weekend, or hanging out at home. I am very glad I found that handling class so many years ago....

Alyce - Monroe


Karen has the knowledge and experience to tailor training to suit the specific needs of the dog and handler. When we added a rescue dog to our family, he needed completely different lessons than our puppy did. Karen's lessons, both private and in class, have helped immensely in our transition to a happy two-dog home.

Lisa - Brier