Eastside Dog Training
Because a dogs mind is a terrible thing to waste!


Dogs can’t learn when they’re in an overly excitable state. Leaping, jumping, lunging, pulling, spinning, barking, whining, or even cowering in fear from over stimulation, puts dogs in a ‘reactive’ mode instead of a ‘learning’ mode.

Why spend weeks and weeks, attempting to teach your dog exercises he is too distracted to focus on, only to end the class series about the same as when you started?

Our classes start the very first week with lots of on-the-floor practice time to gain that necessary calmness and control which puts your dog’s mind in a position to learn. In a calm, focused state, your dog will learn faster and retain it better.

No boring lectures, no sitting around for most of the class, just good effective training that produces results!


The place to start! For dogs and puppies of all ages.
Build the foundation you will need for good manners and behavior for the life of your dog. Learn how to get and keep focus, teach reliable sits, downs, stands, stay, come when called, walk nicely on a leash, as well as impulse control and the proper way to greet other dogs and strangers.

The natural progression after our FOUNDATION class.
Suitable for dogs of all ages who already have the basic foundational exercises, this class provides distractions, progression, fine tuning, proofing, and problem solving for: Walking on a loose leash (no pull), come when called, sit, down, stand, stay, no jump, greeting strangers, continuation of impulse control, good manners and other appropriate behaviors for a well behaved dog. Introduction of new exercises useful in every day life/competition work, beginning off-leash control, and preparation for the AKC Star Puppy and/or Canine Good Citizen (CGC) tests. Dog/handler teams are worked and progressed at their individual level in each class. A real workout for both dog and handler!

"Beginning Comp" for Novice • "Advanced Comp" for Open / Utility:
All aspects of preparing you and your dog for the competition obedience ring. Dogs and handlers work at their own level with individual attention for problem solving fine tuning and improving performance. Handler presentation, ring etiquette, ring patterns, rules/regulations and common handler errors are also addressed.

Rally is a fun and entertaining team sport for both dogs and handlers! Developed by Bud Kramer from the obedience practice of 'doodling' (warming up with a variety of obedience and freestyle exercises), the Rally 'team' (consisting of dog and handler) proceed at their own pace, numerically, around a course of 10 to 20 signs that instruct the team what to do. Unlike traditional formal obedience, the handlers are allowed and encouraged to praise their dogs during the course! You can do Rally to prepare for competition Rally titles, or just for fun! Even dogs which are 'burnt out' on formal obedience or conformation get a new lease on life when you introduce them to Rally!

Everyone has heard of 'clicker training'... Maybe you've even tried it. But did it seem complicated? Did you feel like you were 'all thumbs'? Our clicker class is fun and EASY! Learn the right way to use a clicker to 'mark' the behavior(s) you want. A fun, and rewarding way to train your dog to any behavior you desire. The clicker is a clear signal to the dog so they learn fast and have fun doing it! It's great for shy or fearful dogs as it builds confidence by showing them how to be 'in charge' of making good things happen!

A new way to exercise and keep your dog in condition YEAR ROUND. Build core strength and endurance to help prevent injuries and improve gait and balance. Dogs will learn, practice, and progress on exercise balls/peanuts/pills/eggs, vestibular discs, and rocker boards, as well as work ground exercises which will not only tone and condition, but will also improve performance in conformation, obedience, rally and agility. Great for dogs of all ages and conditions, and FUN! The dogs LOVE it!

All breed conformation (breed ring) handling. For beginners and 'old pros' alike. This is a TEACHING class, not just run throughs. Stacking, gaiting, table work. Advice, tips, tricks, exercises to work on at home, problem solving, and troubleshooting. Discover the best way to present your dog. Females in season are welcome in class (wearing britches). No people aggressive or dog aggressive dogs please!